About Us

Dennis and Betsy Parman started Peaceful Valley Construction in 2005, mainly out of their love for old log cabins. Dennis always wanted to live in a log cabin growing up, and history always fascinated him, especially the time frame of the French and Indiana War up to 1820. Dennis is always looking for older structures to refurbish or move to a customers property to begin a new life. Dennis will travel to almost anywhere to look at old log structures and work with each of his clients to bring back the charm while still paying attention to each detail during reconstruction.

In addition to his love for log homes, Dennis enjoys building more traditional style of homes including stick and timber frame. The new construction process begins with a meeting between the owners, Dennis and on occasion, his wife Betsy. This is an important meeting, when Dennis gathers a lot of information about the customer and learns exactly what their needs and wishes are for their new home. After several meetings, Dennis then presents his plan and concept for your new home. 

If you are looking for some renovations to your existing home, Peaceful Valley Construction can do just about anything you are looking for. Custom work whether it is interior or exterior is one of their specialties. Working with wood, they can create beautiful, one of a kind cabinets, flooring, siding, ceiling treatments and gorgeous doors.

Betsy's eye for detail and interior design is one of the shinning elements of this company. Her input on colors, style of furniture and placement makes an interior shine to perfection.