Log Cabins

Peaceful Valley Construction gives new life to old log cabins.  They build homes throughout Indiana, recreating what the log structures were built for during their era.

Log homes fascinate owner Dennis Parman, and it shows in the detail and time he spends on each old log home, building it from the ground up. Many of the homes that are rebuilt on private property come from different locations throughout the country. Dennis then works with the owners blending the various structures and time frames to create a one-of-a-kind custom log home, adding in modern day amenities while still keeping the rustic charm and ambiance of the original log structure.   

  • 1815DoublepenBarnRelocatedtonewsiterebuiltasPrivateResidence
  • 1840sloghomebeingconstructed
  • 1840sloghomebeingconstructedinBrownCounty
  • InteriorLogHome
  • Interiorloghome
  • Interiorloghomelivingarea
  • Interiorof1817LogCabinPrivateResidence
  • KitCabinOaklogsPrivateResidence2009
  • LogCabinBuild
  • LogCabinBuildFrontPorch
  • LogHomePhase1
  • Outsidelargelogcabin
  • Outsideviewlogcabin